Will PetsGlow collars affect my pet’s night vision?

None of our collars direct a significant amount of light into the pet’s field of vision. Our collars are intended to direct most of the light underneath, to the sides, or behind the pet to avoid hindering their night vision while enabling them to be seen from virtually any direction by you and approaching vehicles.


Why do I need a PetsGlow collar if I have a reflective collar or vest for my dog?

A reflective collar will only alert oncoming motorists to your pet once your pet is in the path of the vehicle's headlights. This could be devastating if the vehicle is travelling at high speed or your pet runs onto the road from the side. The driver may not have enough time to react. A PetsGlow collar captures the driver's attention well in advance of your pet crossing in front of the headlights and makes your pet visible even when approaching the road from the side. Also, a reflective collar does not allow you to keep track of your pet in the dark unless you shine a torch all around the area hoping the beam reflects off your pet's collar whereas a PetsGlow collar allows you to locate your pet immediately. A reflective collar or vest is fine as an extra layer of protection but should not be relied upon for maximum visibility at night.


What is an LED?

LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. All of our pet collars and leashes use LEDs to provide visibility for your pet. LEDs are an ideal source of light due to their longevity, durability, low power consumption, low heat output, and brightness.


What type of batteries do PetsGlow products use and where can I buy replacement batteries?

Most of our products use two CR2032v batteries. Batteries can be easily purchased at most electronics retailers.


Which is better? Steady or blink mode?

The best answer is that steady and blink modes are equally effective for night visibility purposes. Blink mode usually extends battery life. All of our products allow you to select blink or steady glow mode, therefore leaving it to your personal preference.


Are PetsGlow products waterproof?

All of our products are water-resistant but not water-proof. You can use the collar and lead in the rain and snow, however if water or moisture has entered the product, remove the batteries, and make sure the batteries and the interior of the collar/lead are dry before next use to prevent corrosion of the batteries and other components.

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