Your moggy needs an LED cat collar! April 23 2014


It’s the middle of the night, and you’re tucked away comfortably in the safety of your bed. It’s calm, quiet and peaceful. Suddenly, the quiet is interrupted by a loud crash. You’re mind immediately starts racing. “Is it an intruder?” You contemplate grabbing whatever you can find to use as a weapon before going to check out the intrusion. As you head out of you bedroom, something scurries by your feet. What was that? You continue on, heading in the direction of the original noise. Something scurries by again, this time with a loud “Meow.” Realising that the nefarious robber is really just your fluffy little feline having a midnight romp, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Anyone who’s ever been owned by a cat (because let’s face it, cats refuse to be owned), surely has experienced this same situation at least once in their relationship. There may not be a way to chance the nocturnal kitty’s party at 3am, but there is a way to make him more visible in the dark, so he’s not so easily mistaken for an intruder. An LED cat collar is the perfect solution for any kitty, indoor or out.

Cat collars are mostly used to hold identification tags, and to help others determine whether your cat is a pet or a stray. Since cats are natural born explorers, cat collars evolved to be safer by having break away clasps that easily detach if they get snagged on something like a fence.

By outfitting your cat with an LED cat collar by PetsGlow, you are adding another level of safety. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you can imagine how beneficial an LED cat collar can be. You’ll easily distinguish your cat in a dark back garden, and if your cat happens to wander away, he’s more visible to drivers and others.

Many people have chosen to use cat collars as an individual way to personalize their cat’s style. Most cats are fine with wearing a collar, but unlike dogs, they aren’t too keen on wearing sweaters and other clothes. Cat collars can sometimes be the only way cat owners can make their kitties more fashionable. Using an LED cat collar is a unique way to transform your kitty into a fancy cat. Fully functional by combining safety and style, LED cat collars are a great option.

LED cat collars are available in a variety of colors and feature the same safety clasps as traditional cat collars. Next time your frisky feline decides to have a little fun in the dark, you’ll just have to look for the light. Then you can retire back to your slumber with a certain peace of mind that only a cat owner whose hoping that crash wasn’t your grandmother’s vase that’s been in the family for years can have.

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